Sometimes we receive messages from our members who write that I do not know what to talk about with women on your website; I do not know how to win the heart of a woman.


IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS how to receive a solicited reply from Russian woman, Ukrainian woman, etc.
Useful words and phrases:


   Can we get acquainted? 
  May I introduce myself? 
  Your smile is so charming…. 
  Your eyes are so beautiful 
  You are beautiful 
  Your profile intrigued me
  You have a very interesting profile 
  I am very interested in you 
  You have all the qualities of the person I am looking for 
  I would like to learn more about you


  My name is …
  My age is … example: my age is 30 y.o. 
  I live in country …, city 
  My profession is …
  I have my own business
  By character, I am very calm and patient 
  I am faithful and sincere 
  My heart is open and kind 
  I am ambitious, passionate and have many interests
  I am an optimist 
  I am well educated
  I am kind and caring 
  I am always honest and to the point
  I am very sensitive
  I am romantic 
  I am understanding and able to listen to other persons
  I love children 
  I wish to have big family 
  I wish to have happiness in family life


  How would you describe your character and your personality? 
  Tell me about your good points
  What level of education do you have? 
  Which foreign languages do you know (even if a little)? 
  What do you do for living? 
  Do you like your work?
  Tell me about your interests, hobbies… 
  Do you like animals? 
  Tell me about your family 
  Tell me about your friends
  What are your plans for the future?
Can you share your dreams with me, please 
Do you love children? 
Do you have children? 
Do you want to have children? 
Would you consider re-locating to another country, if necessary? 
What do you know about my country? 
What qualities do you value the most in people? 
What do you need for happiness? 
Imagine you inherited / won/signed a business contact for 1 million USD. How would you spend it? And in your everyday life - can you call yourself charitable person (do you like to spend for charity)? 
What do you prefer to do in your free time? 

The main criterion, when choosing a partner through the site, is the photograph. A bad photograph will make even the most beautiful of people go unnoticed or even be cast aside. A quality and professional photograph is therefore imperative for attracting the maximum amount of attention.

We hope you are enjoying our advice. You must be active in search and courageous in communication.

Now that you know how to win the hearts of women from Russia, Ukraine, etc., you can create a profile on our website and start looking for a woman who wants to be your wife: