Marriage tip: Tips and Ideas what you can write about

 • Be truthful 

• Write from the heart 

• List your good qualities 

• Mention characteristics you are wanting to improve on (for example, “short temper if provoke”) 

• Don’t hide poor characteristic you are working on to improve

• Do not be unreasonable with expectation from your partner because we are all unique individuals 

• Write about: - family and circle of friends - activities, social, sport, etc. without exaggeration - day-today life in your area and country - your city and national circumstances - places of high interests - seasonable differences and weather patterns - everyday’s things you can do for your partner without struggle - about what you can and you like to do for your partner on special occasions

 • ask what reciprocating things your partner would like to inform you of within ability. 

• Talk about outlook in life in social, economical, political and other issues. 

• Talk about expectation regarding maintaining or starting family.
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